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Paez delivery offers the best quality kanekalon hair extensions natural, semi and quality wigs, and especially for ladies.

Bandera Bandera

Paez Delivery MJ

Paez Delivery offers the best quality kanekalon hair extensions natural, semi and quality wigs, and especially for ladies.
Carretera norte de la Parmalat, 6 cuadras al norte mano izquierda, casa numero 89, blanca con rosado. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Fumigación S.O.S

Fumigation S.O.S. No more fleas and ticks. We eliminate fleas and ticks, fumigate your home and treat their pets.
- Managua - Nicaragua
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Ing. Leonor Moreno Silva

Integral solutions are offered in, construction of vertical and horizontal works, extensions, remodelings, maintenance generally of buildings and supervision. as well as: design, manufacture and installation of furniture of all More...
Bo. Maria Auxiliadora; calle 4; Casa D-11. - Managua - Nicaragua
Telephone:(505) 2240-0665
Cellphone:(505) 8420-3942
Fax:(505) 2240-0665
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GRICO Bienes Raíces

With the most extensive portfolio of properties for residence or business on sale or rent
Km. 11 carretera a Masaya - Managua - Nicaragua
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C.R. Medica S.A.

Sales and repairs of medical equipment.
Sales to distributors of medical equipment.
Semaforos Lozelsa 10 Vrs. abajo casa A 77. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Bandera Bandera

Ultrasound & Hospital Service, S.A.

Distribution and sale of media use radiographic contrast: oral, injected, enemas.
Jardines de Veracruz, Rotonda 1/2 c. al Sur. Casa: B-11 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Distribuidora y Servicio Avendaño

Our company has over 13 years of providing the retail services industry and acesoramiento delubricantes technician in the lubrication of machinery and food industries specialist guide assembly and lubrication.
managua nicaragua barrio salomon moreno reparto shick entrada alas jaguitas media cuadra abajo casa L.11 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Techos Termoacusticos de Nicaragua S.A

Roofing of thermoacoustic Nicaragua SA It is a company that was created to offer the Nicaraguan market alternatives termoacúticos covered roofs. Has 10 years in the distribution and sales of More...
Del Puente el Eden 3c abajo MD. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Construvial, S A

Vertical construction, horizontal, earth moving, transport, plant hire, road signs, prefabricated steel buildings, furniture and pine cured color, cured pine, pine manufactured home games child cured and cured pine.
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Free Vision

We are a company that has presence in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and now in Nicaragua we were in charge in creating the enterprise image of all type of company, we More...
Reparto San Juan de la Óptica Munkel 100 mts al sur casa 624 - Managua - Nicaragua
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XTREME Cellphones, Support & Accesories

Store xtreme accessories: covers, screen protectors, chargers, headphones, hdmi, speakers and special orders. cellular repair of all brands (hardware and software), cell unblock all operators. also a variety of accessories More...
Altamira De la Casa del cafe 1/2c al lago - Managua - Nicaragua
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Medical Supply

Hospital distribute medical products, medical specialists and hospital clothing with the best brands and the best price, excellent attention and equipment warranty. We offer delivery service to the door of More...
Residencial Los Robles 3ra Etapa del Restaurante Don Candido 50 Vras al sur - Managua - Nicaragua
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Biomedical Rizo

We are a company deprived with a clear vocation by the excellence in the distribution and product sale of periodic replacement in the medical area - radiological, as well as More...
Jardines de Veracruz, Rotonda 1/2 c. al Sur. Casa: B-11 - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Alba Rizo Rodríguez
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We are a company that we see and we feel our customers and strategic partners and comprehensive and we protect, advise on the security protection of their heritage.
Iglesia Pio X 6 Cuadras al Norte 1/2 Oeste.
Casa P-I-9. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Lentes y Procesos de Nicaragua

Sale of frames and lenses alpor greater.
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Country Coffee & Shakes

Sale of gourmet coffee, best coffee in the city and 100% fruit smoothies naurales, pastries, panini, sandwich, club sandwich and more.
1a. entrada a las colinas, de la gasolinera Puma 1c. al este, Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Hostal Casa Los Espinoza

It offers six single and double rooms with air conditioning and fan.
Reparto San Juan, calle Esperanza. Numero 579. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Cridocasa S.A

Sales of personal computers and desks paquerte dealer prices.
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Taller Padilla Alvarez

Laboratory of diesel injection, sale of turbocargadores, sale of injectors, electronic, sale of autopartes for bmw, sale of spare parts of diesel injection.
Banco de Credito Rural Monsenor Lezcano 20 varas al oeste - Managua - Nicaragua
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Dream's Closet USA

Selling clothes U.S. brands, with the latest fashion americana.como quess, newyork and company, tommy, bakers and more.
Km 12.5 Carreta sur
Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Taller de las Basculas

Specialists in repair, maintenance and sales of weighing equipment (mechanical and electronic scales) also repair sewing machine bags and moisture testers. become mechanical in your scale electronics.
Km. 10 Ctra. Nva. Leon 350 mts. Oeste C. Sandino, Managua Nicaragua. - Ciudad Sandino - Managua - Nicaragua
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Abejas y sus productos.

Produced organic honey, wholesale and retail, packaged and labeled, with their bar codes and health license.
km 5 carretera norte frente nabisco cristal. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Papel Master Libreria

Sales of furniture , stationery , office supplies and items .
Ciudad Jardin BDF 1/2 C. Norte - Managua - Nicaragua
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Lecasa Distribuidores

It is a company dedicated to selling lines purification systems office, home and industrial lines of stainless steel utensils for all of Nicaragua in general.
de plaza inter 2 y media abajo, plaza colon modulo 4. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Climanet, is a company that dedicates to sale, installation, maintenance and repair of conditioned air units, automotive, residencal, commercial and industrial type, maintenance to gastronomic equipment. Account with personnel highly More...
Calle 14 de Septiembre, de Caruna central 1c al sur. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Construction with glass, goods & rural, urban roots, houses, properties, beach, property, rents of buildings.
Managua, Nicaragua. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Venta de productos lacteos ( quesos )

Best grilled cheese our specialty cheeses ; smoked cheese with chile, mozarrela , quesillos contact for special orders special wholesale prices
Carretera hacia Masaya k 11 - Ticuantepe - Managua - Nicaragua
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KCAC Arte y Diseño

We all oil paintings in acrylics for your home and office all you need paint and advise art professionally.
De la Dist. Vicky 1 al lago - Managua - Nicaragua
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New York Boutique

Our establishment aims to sell all kinds of clothing and accessories for women and for men, with a remarkable quality and economy in price.
Centro Comercial Managua Seccion A Modulo 13 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Import and sale of equipment for laboratory, product chemical, equipment for waste water treatment, ceramics with nano technology to reduce the fuel consumption in vehicles.
km 9 1/2 C.N a Leon Residencial Altos de Motastepe - Ciudad Sandino - Managua - Nicaragua
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