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Integral solutions are offered in, construction of vertical and horizontal works, extensions, remodelings, maintenance generally of buildings and supervision.

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Ing. Leonor Moreno Silva

Integral solutions are offered in, construction of vertical and horizontal works, extensions, remodelings, maintenance generally of buildings and supervision. as well as: design, manufacture and installation of furniture of all More...
Bo. Maria Auxiliadora; calle 4; Casa D-11. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Nicaragua/Catalina's Colection

Catalina's Collection is a Costa Rican brand catalog sales of a line of products with natural ingredients, vitamins and emollients to help prevent premature aging and prolongs the beauty, softness More...
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Restaurante Asados Don Pancho

- Specializing in grilled beef, chicken and pork.
- From the coals at your table
- Typical Food
Carretera Ticuante Km. 16 de la gasolinera Texaco 150 al Sur. - Ticuantepe - Managua - Nicaragua
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Transporte Seco

Moving company and relocation of all types of dry products.
Colonia 14 de septiembre - Managua - Nicaragua
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We specialize in the distribution and row periodic replacement products in the medical area as well as the distribution of medical equipment for hospital use, new and used, repair and More...
Puente el Eden 1c al este, 5c al sur, 1c al Este - Managua - Nicaragua
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Bandera Bandera

Embroidery Daila

We are a company that offers advertising products for any application in both Nicaraguan and international market in Central America and the American South, of the products we mention. Silk More...
Villa Libertad del Colegio 1c sur 1 Anden Arriba 1/2c Sur Casa I-1592 - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: L. David Flores
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Abejas y sus productos.

Produced organic honey, wholesale and retail, packaged and labeled, with their bar codes and health license.
km 5 carretera norte frente nabisco cristal. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Productos Alimenticias Mama Gollita

A business process and marketing of products used in Nicaraguan cuisine.

Products such as condiments, food and beverage flavorings.
Residencial Casa Real, Calle 8, Casa R-21 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Veterinary products of the high technology, for high performance
endectocidas - desparasitantes - serum - vitamins organic ad3e - antibiotic - put - endectocidas - modifiers. (gain of weight) antimastiticos
texaco Guanacaste 2c. Al Lago, 1 y Media Arriba. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Inversiones Alarcón

We import products for sport fishing.
Hospital Bautista 2c sur, ½ c este, Managua, Nic. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Venta de productos lacteos ( quesos )

Best grilled cheese our specialty cheeses ; smoked cheese with chile, mozarrela , quesillos contact for special orders special wholesale prices
Carretera hacia Masaya k 11 - Ticuantepe - Managua - Nicaragua
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Libreria Azul

We are a marketing company of of products and material for office, our mission is to provide competitive articles of quality, prices and punctuality in the orders, and thus to More...
Bo. Altagracia, racachaca 1 C. arriba, 10 vrs. al sur, managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Industria Centroamericana de Arcillas Chiltepe SA

Ceramic product factory, known like " Tejería" ; from 1956 we are in the Nicaraguan national market producing for the industry of the sector construction. We make solid floor tiles, More...
Kilómetro 22.5, carretera que conduce a Laguna de Jiloá; del tercer portón de acceso a la Laguna 500 metros al Este. - Mateare - Managua - Nicaragua
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Import and sale of equipment for laboratory, product chemical, equipment for waste water treatment, ceramics with nano technology to reduce the fuel consumption in vehicles.
km 9 1/2 C.N a Leon Residencial Altos de Motastepe - Ciudad Sandino - Managua - Nicaragua
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Medical Supply

Hospital distribute medical products, medical specialists and hospital clothing with the best brands and the best price, excellent attention and equipment warranty. We offer delivery service to the door of More...
Residencial Los Robles 3ra Etapa del Restaurante Don Candido 50 Vras al sur - Managua - Nicaragua
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Comercializadora Forestal, S.A

Forest product commercialization. - Wood in timber- sawed Wood Movable. deck, floors, moldings, doors
Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Nejapa Importadora & Exportadora S.A.

Direct importers of products, tools and office equipment brands and representatives of 100% manufactured in USA.
Km 7 sur 3 cuadras abajo, 1 cuadra al sur - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Enrique Salazar
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Protection Electronics Nicaragua


- DVR, Digital Recorders 4, 8, 16 channels

- Security cameras of all kinds.

- Monitoring via Internet

- About Electric

- Intruder Alarm
- Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Daniel Salgado Ocon
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JC Publicidad

Our work is based on the quality of advertising products and services we offer made in conjunction with you (our client) as we are aware of the importance of their More...
Iglesia Pio x 7c. al Lago, 1c abajo. Bello Horizonte. - Managua - Nicaragua
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We are a company that offers products of high quality for the cleaning, perfuming and desinfectacion of all the places of the home, office until of its company. we at More...
Bo Rene cisneros, Plaza Julio Martinez, 4c al lago, 2c este, 1/2c al lago - Managua - Nicaragua
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Hady America SA

We are a company that importaciopn works and export of products from Nicaragua and America center for other markets and of other markets for Nicaragua and the Caribbean one.
6ta Etapa Los Robles Managua Nicaragua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Supitextil S.A

Family business dedicated to meeting the needs of raw materials and products for clothing, bedding for hotels, hospitals and home. We also offer wire for closing bags, wicks and cords More...
Managua de la tiendona 2 1/2 cuadras arriba barrio el paraisito. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Techos Termoacusticos de Nicaragua

Our company is dedicated to conducting solutions to our customers with our products as thermoacoustic Drywall , laminate flooring, ceiling .
Del Puente El Eden 3 Cuadras 1/2 Abajo MD - Managua - Nicaragua
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Ladrillos y Tejas de Nicaragua, Latenic

It is a Nicaraguense company that it has by obejtivo to take until Costa Rica bricks and roofing tiles of cooked red mud in firewood furnaces, for protection and designs More...
Managua, Nicaragua, Semaforos de ENEL CENTRAL 1 cuadra al sur, 1 cuadra al este, 1 cuadra al norte. - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Ing. Israel Romero Cruz
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Our company is offering advertising and impressions DECEA, all services related to say, products that improve the efficiency and integrated services and products that say save costs.
Altamira D´este Sinsa Ferreteria
1c. al Sur, 1/2c. Arriba. Casa # 562
Managua, Nicaragua. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Biomedical Rizo

We are a company deprived with a clear vocation by the excellence in the distribution and product sale of periodic replacement in the medical area - radiological, as well as More...
Jardines de Veracruz, Rotonda 1/2 c. al Sur. Casa: B-11 - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Alba Rizo Rodríguez
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We are a dedicated to providing solutions companies keep efficiency and energy savings to our customers through the sale of our organic products between our technologies are: solar air conditioners More...
Centro Comercial Camino de Oriente edif. F contiguo a Cruz Lorena - Managua - Nicaragua
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Granos y Semilla Santa Maria

Managua, Nicaragua
Pista Principal, La Subasta. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Core Digital

Specialists in documentary management, digital and general impression. Consultants for businesses in growth of digital impression. We want to obtain partners of long term businesses with customized attention, quality in More...
Bello Horizonte, Rot. 4 sur 2 este 1 norte, Managua. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Aguardiente Tornado

Produce and market alcoholic liquor of excellent quality for the satisfaction of our customers and consumers in the domestic market, generating profitability.

We also ensure the success of the business or More...
De los semáforos de la tenderí 1c. al sur 1/2 abajo. Casa S-28. Ciudad Jardín. - Managua - Nicaragua
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