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Sale of alcohol breath tester, emergency lights, police lights, preventive truck lights, poles, wedges for trucks, traffic lights, road safety, road signage, metal defense, traffic paint,.

Bandera Bandera

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R&S Enterprise

R&S Enterprise Sale of alcohol breath tester, emergency lights, police lights, preventive truck lights, poles, wedges for trucks, traffic lights, road safety, road signage, metal defense, traffic paint, architectural paint.
Residencial Satelite de Asososca No 8. Carretera Nueva a Leon km 8, 8, Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Buffet Nicaragua Express

We are a buffet with 100% priority services at home and the first to be totally free shipping.
* Our rates are the lowest in the competition, Compare and see.
* As buffet maintain a quality standard 10/10
* Better customer service.
* We are a serious, responsible and dedicated to meeting the needs of business customers.
* Our policy is: the customer is always More...
Barrio Edgard Munguia, Semaforos de enel central 2 cuadras al sur 25 varas al este casa numero L-15. Managua, Nicaragua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Centro Naturista Vital

Centro Naturista Vital We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of Nicaraguan families, with natural products and personalized advice to health care and aesthetics, at reasonable prices and with the highest standards of quality.
We offer all kinds of alternative therapies: acupuncture, moxibustion, therapeutic massages, metamorphic therapy, reflexology, among others.
We advise on nutrition, vegetarian cuisine and stress management.
Centro Comercial Ciudad Jardín, contiguo a Tip-Top. Managua - Managua - Nicaragua
Telephone:22506081/ 22400081
Calle 14 de septiembre. Palí P del H 2c. arriba. Managua
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Comercializadora La Confianza

We are a company dedicated to the import and sale of periodic replacement hydrophilic. With the line of cotton, gauze, bandages, gloves, masks and more.
Tope sur Rot. Bello horizonte 2 y 1/2 al sur 1/2 al sur este Managua.
Barrio 1ro de Mayo - Managua - Nicaragua
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SP Básculas

Sales of scales
Technical support
Software development
Bolonia Universidad Americano collage 2 c abajo 1 arriba, contiguo a Consalcasa - Managua - Nicaragua
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Bandera Bandera

Euroingenieria S.A.

Euroingenieria S.A. Our company is a pioneer since 2006 in importing innovative products. The best price and the best quality.

They are high quality materials we can create better living spaces.

We create spaces with great comfort for your family, with construction processes are clean, you order and fast finishing time and on budget.

Please explore our website to learn more about our products ....
Calle principal de Altamira frente a Juan Bansbach - Managua - Nicaragua
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Empaques y Vidrios Mayorga

Repair of manual and electric sunroof.
Venta y instalación de empaques para las puertas empaques para los vidrios de puerta. - Managua - Nicaragua
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AlexRo's GYM

AlexRo's born with the idea that people in Sabana Grande have a gym close to home and making use of our motto: "Why think about your health are present here :)" and so we have done, with new machines and in a safe, pleasant and accessible environment.
Urbanizacion Altos de la Sabana, de la Kola Shaler 500 mts arriba casa # 2 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Mariachi Monterrey Internacional

Managua barrio Santa Rosa de la rolter 2.c. arriba 1 1/2 al sur entenderse con Gumer de Jesus Fuentes G mangua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Sercom-3 is a construction and remodeling company specializing in turnkey construction, we know and execute works with traditional and non-traditional construction systems, we needed to advise on investment you want to make professional team.
KM 17.5 Carretera nueva a León, Residencial Ciudad el Doral, Casa C-80 - Mateare - Managua - Nicaragua
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Basculas Carmona

Basculas Carmona Scales Carmona provides sales services and repair of electronic and mechanical machines and sewing bags and sealing of plastic bags scales.
Km. 10 Carretera Nueva a León, Diinsa 1km abajo. Colegio Eduardo Contreras 11 c. al sur, 1c al este. - Ciudad Sandino - Managua - Nicaragua
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OdontoSoluciones Clínica Dental

OdontoSoluciones Clínica Dental We are a team of dental specialists with extensive experience and expertise we provide quality and comprehensive solutions for all your oral health problems.
De la Unión Europea 1 cuadra al este.
O bien, de donde fue la Vicky 1 cuadra al oeste, 1 cuadra al sur.
Plaza San Ramón, planta baja módulo #5. - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Dra. Ana Cristian Urroz M.
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Rental of trucks, tractors, construction equipment transfer agribusiness, agricultural and construction machinery.

Crane rental and Lowboys project.

Transfer of special materials, sand, clay, gravel others.
Camino de Oriente, frente donde fueron los cinemas. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Success Factor Desarrollo del Talento Humano

Success Factor Desarrollo del Talento Humano Professional training
Emotional intelligence
Courses taught by Margarita Pasos, representatives John C. Maxwell team, Brian Tracy International for Central America
L - Managua - Nicaragua
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Johnny Alberto Cruz

Design of new projects, renovations and expansions.
General construction
Management of construction projects
Km 10.5 carretera a Masaya - Managua - Nicaragua
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Animaciones Chui

Sankistas face painted sky dancer
Popcorn, cotton candy magic show business events and children's party clowns entertainers.
Hospital Salud Integral 4c abajo 1c al sur M.I - Managua - Nicaragua
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Ing. Leonor Moreno Silva

Integral solutions are offered in, construction of vertical and horizontal works, extensions, remodelings, maintenance generally of buildings and supervision. as well as: design, manufacture and installation of furniture of all More...
Bo. Maria Auxiliadora; calle 4; Casa D-11. - Managua - Nicaragua
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XTREME Cellphones, Support & Accesories

Store xtreme accessories: covers, screen protectors, chargers, headphones, hdmi, speakers and special orders. cellular repair of all brands (hardware and software), cell unblock all operators. also a variety of accessories More...
Altamira De la Casa del cafe 1/2c al lago - Managua - Nicaragua
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Fiesta Room 2

Making your event for any occasion, weddings, quinceaneras, baptisms, baby shower, cumplaños, graduations online store.
Barrio San Judas, De los raspados Loli 6 al sur 1/2 abajo
Managua Nicaragua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Construcciones Eléctricas de Nicaragua

Electrical apparatus in medium and low voltage, civil works, electromechanical, architectural design, industrial electricity, residential electricity, plumbing, commercial electricity, electricity electromechanical services, construction of power grids, emergency plants, electrical construction More...
Semáforos Enel Central 1c. al Sur (Managua) / Frente al Campo Santa Cecilia (Diriamba). - Managua - Nicaragua
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Embalajes Express Polines Certificados NIMF-15

We manufacture packaging and skids (pallets) of madeera, registered certificates for export and endorsed by the IPSA, Nicaragua.
Certification of poles is that Polines comply with ISPM-15 being these treaties RIOPPAH., More...
Puente El Eden 1.5 cuadra al este. - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Emerson Urroz Cubillo
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Embroidery Daila

We are a company that offers advertising products for any application in both Nicaraguan and international market in Central America and the American South, of the products we mention. Silk More...
Villa Libertad del Colegio 1c sur 1 Anden Arriba 1/2c Sur Casa I-1592 - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: L. David Flores
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Club de Aikido Iwama Nicaragua

We are a group of students of Aikido we seek to promote the practice of this martial.
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Techos Termoacusticos de Nicaragua

Our company is dedicated to conducting solutions to our customers with our products as thermoacoustic Drywall , laminate flooring, ceiling .
Del Puente El Eden 3 Cuadras 1/2 Abajo MD - Managua - Nicaragua
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Compre Ropa Americana

Bale processing company American Apparel, open surgery for free in Nicaragua.
Buy directly without intermediaries, from a bale to a container, reviews and pays us here.
Nicaragua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Sistemaweb Nicaragua

Costado Norte del parque de Villa progreso 2 cuadras al Norte casa D232. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Odontologos Especialistas

Dentistry for children, oral and maxillofacial surgery and oral rehabilitation and dental implants in the same place.
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Barbaras Eventos Nicaragua

Experts in montages and wedding organization and 15 years.
rotonda la virgen 3 1/2 arriba managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Is an importer of computer equipment in Nicaragua, the HP brand.
rotonda universitaria 40 mtrs al este - Managua - Nicaragua
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Club de Aikido Nicaragua

Our club benefits by making use of the Internet to promote Aikido practice in Nicaragua.
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