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We are a marketing company of of products and material for office, our mission is to provide competitive articles of quality, prices and punctuality in the.

Bandera Bandera

Libreria Azul

We are a marketing company of of products and material for office, our mission is to provide competitive articles of quality, prices and punctuality in the orders, and thus to More...
Bo. Altagracia, racachaca 1 C. arriba, 10 vrs. al sur, managua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Restaurante Asados Don Pancho

- Specializing in grilled beef, chicken and pork.
- From the coals at your table
- Typical Food
Carretera Ticuante Km. 16 de la gasolinera Texaco 150 al Sur. - Ticuantepe - Managua - Nicaragua
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Variedades Nanginfanjen

All parties are for children and adults, baby shower, and helium balloons, candy and home delivery, there are toys and products for the most pure.

We hope to accept credit cards More...
mercado roberto huembes de Banpro 1 cuadra al sur sobre pasillo principal mano derecha abierto todos los dias - Managua - Nicaragua
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Papel Master Libreria

Sales of furniture , stationery , office supplies and items .
Ciudad Jardin BDF 1/2 C. Norte - Managua - Nicaragua
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Fiestas y Eventos

Festivals and Events, since 1990, offering the best and latest in rental party items, Tiffany chairs, lounges, LED lights, decoration fabrics, flowers and balloons, assembly of all business or personal More...
Colonial Los Robles, esquina sur Monte de los Olivos 1 1/2 c. arriba 4 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Bandera Bandera

Cridocasa S.A

Sales of personal computers and desks paquerte dealer prices.
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We buy non-ferrous metals aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze at the best price contact us.
managua, nicaragua. barrio costa rica de los semanoforos de pedro joaquin chamorro, 3c al sur, 1 1/2 c al este - Managua - Nicaragua
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Electroequipos e Insumos medicos

We offer medical equipment, new and used periodic replacement material, at the best prices and higher warranty, such as (oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, machines w / feed, pulse oximeters, etc.).
Puente el eden 1c al este, 5c al sur 1 1/2c al ests - Managua - Nicaragua
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Medical Supply

Hospital distribute medical products, medical specialists and hospital clothing with the best brands and the best price, excellent attention and equipment warranty. We offer delivery service to the door of More...
Residencial Los Robles 3ra Etapa del Restaurante Don Candido 50 Vras al sur - Managua - Nicaragua
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Persianas San Josè

Company Dedicace wing delivery and installation of aluminum and glass with the best market prices. distribution of glass sheets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, mm of every color and thickness, More...
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TramdasaOfrece transport the services transports for transfer of personnel, schools and tourism in genera.l Cuenta for it with units of bus of 50 passengers, minibuses of: 15, 25, 30 passengers More...
Managua, Nicaragua ST.Domingo las sierritas - Managua - Nicaragua
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Nicaragua/Catalina's Colection

Catalina's Collection is a Costa Rican brand catalog sales of a line of products with natural ingredients, vitamins and emollients to help prevent premature aging and prolongs the beauty, softness More...
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Nicaragua Guest House

'We save ourselves the right of admission'
Tranquil leafy barrio in the eastern part of the city, and a short hop from the airport, this More...
Rotonda La Virgen 2 al Sur 2 1/2 Abajo 217
Bello Horizonte - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Oscar Fonseca
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Veronica Color's

We are a family business born in the year 2009 we are dedicated to the elaboration of everything in the field of stationery, advertising design, pasted at the best price More...
De los semaforos de la colonia Rafaela Herrera 1/2c. al sur. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Librería Rubén Darío S.A.

Retail distributor of educational works: encyclopedias, dictionaries, English courses, crafts, cookbooks, national and international technical manuals carpentry, mechanics, cooling, beauty, cakes, among others.

All at affordable prices and credit schemes.
Villa Rafaela Herrera. Casa B-198 - Managua - Nicaragua
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Ladrillos y Tejas de Nicaragua, Latenic

It is a Nicaraguense company that it has by obejtivo to take until Costa Rica bricks and roofing tiles of cooked red mud in firewood furnaces, for protection and designs More...
Managua, Nicaragua, Semaforos de ENEL CENTRAL 1 cuadra al sur, 1 cuadra al este, 1 cuadra al norte. - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Ing. Israel Romero Cruz
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Premium Medical Group

We are importers of surgical sutures, surgical instruments and clinical beds.
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Globodecoraciones Ileana

Ileana Globodecoraciones offers:
- Decoration of children's parties, baby showers, baptisms, first communion, quinceanera, wedding, corporate events, etc. ..
- Helium balloons.
- Centers of tables.
- Columns
- Numbers
- Rental of arches (circular, heart, More...
Linda Vista Norte - Managua - Nicaragua
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Inversiones Alarcón

We import products for sport fishing.
Hospital Bautista 2c sur, ½ c este, Managua, Nic. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Event organization djs, bands, singers, dancers, clowns, dance groups, magicians, also offer rental of audio equipment, effects, lighting, furniture, events, catering services.
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It is a company dedicated to the elaboration of perfileria metallic like perlines (costanera), galvanized pipe, black iron, steel of reinforcement in all the measures and thicknesses, also we made More...
Iglesia el Calvario 2 cuadra al Lago 3-1/2 arriba MAnagua Nicaragua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Venta de productos lacteos ( quesos )

Best grilled cheese our specialty cheeses ; smoked cheese with chile, mozarrela , quesillos contact for special orders special wholesale prices
Carretera hacia Masaya k 11 - Ticuantepe - Managua - Nicaragua
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Fiesta Room 2

Making your event for any occasion, weddings, quinceaneras, baptisms, baby shower, cumplaños, graduations online store.
Barrio San Judas, De los raspados Loli 6 al sur 1/2 abajo
Managua Nicaragua - Managua - Nicaragua
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Importaciones Ferreteras Ri­os

L?der company in the market hardware dealer of faucets, exclusive importers of the recognized V& mark; G of El Salvador. Sales wholesale with excellent prices.
Bello Horizonte, de la Rotonda La Virgen 2 C. al sur y 2 1/2 C. abajo. - Managua - Nicaragua
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Tanques Nicaragüense S.A. (TANISA)

Sells tanks and septic tanks, elaboration of towers for cleaning tanks and septic tanks.
Km, 7.2 Carretera norte frente a la Tanic.

Servicio a domicilio horario: lunes a Viernes 8:00 am a 5:00pm
Sábado de 8:00 am hasta 12:00 meridiano - Managua - Nicaragua
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Producciones Artísticas Creativas

We count on 15 years of experience in assembly of special events (concerts, congresses, fairs) handling of mark and image, graphic design and publicity. We offer the digital print servers More...
Santa Ana, Iglesia 1 c al Este 1/2 C al norte. - Managua - Nicaragua
Rpte: Alvaro Pacheco / Noemí Gallard
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New York Boutique

Our establishment aims to sell all kinds of clothing and accessories for women and for men, with a remarkable quality and economy in price.
Centro Comercial Managua Seccion A Modulo 13 - Managua - Nicaragua
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It is a small business is born and offers the services of pubic cards for all occasions and presentation and design, printing on paper and fabric and pubilicdad in general.
Av, Tiscap, Busto José Martí 6 c. al este No. T-1 M/D - Managua - Nicaragua
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Ultrasound and Hospital Service

We export medical equipment and refurbished tag.
7919 NW 64 St Miami Fl 33155
tel 786-277-7869 - Managua - Nicaragua
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We offer the service of filled up of cartridges and to toner to them laser of all the recognized marks as well as sale and repair of consumable printers and.
Semaforos de Linda Vista 5c al sur fte. pali Miraflores, centro comercial Linda Vista frente a Hispamer - Managua - Nicaragua
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